DNA Testing Success Stories

At different times in our research, we have learned of people who have many stories of successful DNA testing. Not every case has a storybook ending, but in every case, DNA testing was used to provide definitive proof of a biological relationship. Here we share a few of the cases we have experienced.

Austin, TX
A young man who was adopted at birth wanted to find his biological parents, a desire common to many adoptees. He located his biological mother, but she was not sure the young man was actually her son. She requested a maternity test, and to their great joy, found she was his biological mother. And she was able to help the young man find his biological father.

Bismarck, ND
A man was surprised when he was told he was the father of a 16-year-old girl because he had only a brief affair with her mother and never heard from her again after ending the relationship. Needless to say, he was skeptical that the girl was actually his, but a paternity test conclusively showed that he was indeed the biological father.

Phoenix, AZ
A man was paying child support after his divorce, but he was not convinced the two children were his biological children because he was aware if his ex-wife’s infidelity. He did not want to involve his ex-wife in any testing, so during one weekend visit with the children, he swabbed both children and sent the samples in for a paternity test. The results showed he was excluded as the father of both children. The court acknowledged the test results and no longer required him to pay child support.

Gary, IN
A young woman had an unplanned pregnancy while she was still in school, and the alleged father refused to accept responsibility. The young woman needed help caring for her child, so she asked the court for a paternity test. The alleged father was 99.9997% included as the biological father. The court mandated that he take responsibility in the form of child support payments.

Boston, MA
A father passed away in what was a tragic circumstance. He was not married to his child’s mother, and his parents would not accept that he was indeed the child’s father. The mother wanted her son to know his paternal grandparents, so she asked that they participate in a grandparentage test to prove paternity. The grandparents both agreed, and they were surprised to find that the little boy was without a doubt their grandson.

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